About D.R.E

A Non-Governmental Organisation, whose sole aim is to reach out through humanitarian & entertainment services to foster peace & unity across the globe.

1) To Foster Peace pamp; Unity Across the Globe
2) To Reach out to the Orphans & Less Privileged in the society
3) To Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ
4) To impact into lives Positively

Diplomatic Republic Entertainment, is a non-governmental organisation, whose sole aim is to reach out to the society, through its humanitarian & entertainment services, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was founded in April, in the year 2010.

1) To Foster Peace & Unity Across the Globe
2) To Reach out to the Orphans & Less Privileged in the society
3) To Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ
4) To impact into lives Positively

1) D.R.E aims at touching lives
2) D.R.E aims at giving people a reason to live again, especially people who have lost it in life.
3) D.R.E aims at spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ & winning souls for the kingdom of Jesus Christ
4) D.R.E aims at impacting into lives positively, irrespective of your age, ethnicity, ideologies or background.
5) D.R.E aims at reaching out to the orphans, less privileged at the grassroot.

Our Core Values; L.O.V.E

Leadership; We are all leaders in one way or the other, its why at D.R.E, in what ever we do, we are ready to take the mantle of leadership & act as positive leaders, in other for our diciples to emulate.

Optimism; At D.R.E, We are optimistic in every thing we do, & as such we leave no room for excuse.

Value; We value everyone, most especially our target audience.

Excellence; We give our very best at all we do, because our heavenly father, our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, has bestowed upon us that excellent spirit, to be able to carry out whatever task.

DRE has come thus this far, as their impacts (positive impacts, because that’s what they are all about) has been greatly felt, in locations and regions, both home and abroad, they’ve reached out to.

DRE is Currently affiliated with:
The Wisdom Place (PortHarcourt),
Gifted Kraft (Abuja),
Onyii Communications (Lagos),
I-Dave Collections (Port Harcourt),
Creative’V Records (China),
Da Voice Record (Benue),
True Heel Magazine (Ogun),
M&T Clothing Brand, (PortHarcourt),
Global Star and Dynamic Pillars (Benue),
N.T Designs (Ekiti),
ECHI movement (Benue),
Noble Dee (Abuja)
Gracia_Beads (Lagos)
Touching Lives Initiative (lokoja)
FootPrints (Ondo) and
World Shakers Initiative (Ibadan)
True Talk Magazine (Abuja)
Vee Exclusive Entertainment (Lagos)


Currently DRE has its team in Nigeria (In Benue State, Kogi, PortHarcourt and Abuja), China and New York.

You, can check out Diplomatic Republic Entertainment’s Info & updates from time to time on these Sites and Blogs:
Noble Dee’s Blog
http://www.networknaija.net http://www.lovelylovemessages.com


Contact DRE

BBM Channel: C003741A8,

BBM Pin: 233E0A4F,

Facebook: Diplomatic Republic Entertainment

Instagram Handle: @team_drent,

Twitter Handle: @team_drent

Email address: teamdrentertainment@gmail.com, ekomgideon@yahoo.com, ekomgideon@gmail.com.

Tel. No Home:
Irene; 08075589123,
Gideon; 08152569269,
Gift; 08151607373,
David; 08056693694,
Fumi; 08020742037,

Tel. No. Abroad: +8615840233061

Our Head Office:
The Wisdom Place, close to the Shaka’s Place, Aba Express Road, PortHarcourt, Nigeria.


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