In Our world today, we have got so many young personalities that are out to achieve their set goals, especially those that got to discover their purpose in life early enough. Our Diplomatic Republic Entertainment VJ, caught up with one of such personalities, who goes by the name, OGBUJI GRACE AMARACHI, C.E.O GRACIA BEADS, A student of “olabisi onabanjo university” , Studying Performing Arts.

We would let You go through the Interview that was held.

INTERVIEWER: Can We meet You?

RESPONSE: My name is Ogbuji Grace Amarachi, *laughs* the first daughter in a family of 4, dad is late, Mum is the best ever! love her too much.

INTERVIEWER: That’s awesome, Sorry about your dad, So Where Are You from?

RESPONSE: Thank You, Am from Abia State

INTERVIEWER: Hmmm so your Igbo, Ke Kwanu?

RESPONSE: *laughs* Odin-ma..!!  Yes I am,  most people say i look and behave like am yoruba though..

INTERVIEWER: Hmmm What a combo, seems you laugh a lot, what are your hobbies?

RESPONSE: Emm….i like swimming,reading,listening to music and gisting..!

INTERVIEWER: That’s lovely, What was your background like while growing up?

RESPONSE: hmmmm…..that’s a huge one,growing up was all fun until daddy passed away 2001, Mum had to stand strong via playing both parental role! i really don’t joke about my mama, she’s next after God,she’s my ruby,all thanks to her for not giving up on me and my siblings, so far so good God has indeed been faithful…

INTERVIEWER: We Thank God, So What are you basically Specialized on?

RESPONSE: *Chuckles* am a student, studying performing arts 300l and am into bead making too

INTERVIEWER: That’s great….As A student, how do u get to combine Schooling and your bead making?

RESPONSE: well my course itself is a tedious one and as well time consuming, i just strike a balance between both of them.

INTERVIEWER: That’s Great, We would like to know more about your brand.

RESPONSE: bead-making is virtually everywhere, but creativity makes you stand out…its why am different, because am out to give the world, what they have never seen before, A first of it’s kind.

INTERVIEWER: So how did you come about the name “Gracia Beads”?

RESPONSE: my real name is grace, and grace in Spanish is gracia! (i love Spanish, though i cant speak it, but I’ll gladly learn soon) and most peeps in school call me gracia, its just all about grace! so i decided to use my grace filled name but in Spanish instead of English  *Laughs*

INTERVIEWER: So as the C.E.O of GRACIA BEADS, what Motivated You to Go into this Bead Making?

RESPONSE: Well frankly speaking, i acquired the skill during the last Asuu strike last year, i was tired of staying at home everyday doing nothing, someone special fixed me up with her Aunt who’s into bead making big time, i just wanted to be busy and learn something new… it was worth it, as its paying off today.

INTERVIEWER: So what are we expecting from GRACIA BEADS in the next 2-3yrs to come?

RESPONSE: bigger,better and greater than it is now.

INTERVIEWER: What’s your advice for the youth in the society, whose confused and visionless?

RESPONSE: its not too late to start doing something profitable, it might not bloom and flourish immediately, trust God to make you stand out, there is nothing as sweet as being independent and accountable…believe in yourself, work hard, trust God…

INTERVIEWER: Any Final Words for people out the?

RESPONSE: Well….. Gracia-Beads needs more and many customers, *laughs* but seriously that’s the truth, Now You should know that for that special occasion you are planning to attend, get to patronise Gracia-Beads for classy, gorgeous female accessories! For the Ladies, The Male folks can patronise us too, purchase something beautiful to surprise their sweethearts, sure their sweethearts would love it… Get to order, we would play our part by making and delivering it to you, anytime and anywhere in the world! we style you with grace… thank you.

Get to patronise GRACIA BEADS, they specialise in making beads accessories, for that glamorous wedding, Look, naming ceremony and any other gorgeous occasion, Gracia Beads will make you stand out…ADD on BBM 2A196B3D or call 08084018814…. We style you with GRACE!!!


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