AN INTERVIEW WITH D.R.E Personality of the Month: Mrs Ekei Ekom

Its No news that Diplomatic Republic Entertainment-D.R.E had been touring round in search of our PERSONALITY OF THE MONTH OF OCTOBER, 2014.

Well our aimed was achieved as we finally settled for an Icon, whose services rendered as earned her to be the PERSONALITY OF THE MONTH OF OCTOBER, 2014.

Her name is MRs. EKEI FIDELIS EKOM, hails from Cross River State, Nigeria, A career Mother, Entrepreneur, Writer and Motivational Speaker.

Here is what she has to say, as Our VJ caught up with her:

INTERVIEWER: its a great opportunity to meet with you madam, trust me, you are one of those personalities I look up to, Permit me to say, I want to be like you madam when I grow up, Can We meet You madam?

RESPONSE: My name is Ekei Fidelis Ekom

INTERVIEWER: Where are you from?

RESPONSE: Cross River State, Nigeria.

INTERVIEWER: What are your hobbies?

RESPONSE: Reading, cooking and having fun with kids.

INTERVIEWER: How do you feel to be Singled out as Personality of the month of October 2014, by Diplomatic Republic Entertainment-D.R.E

RESPONSE: It’s an honour.  To be celebrated its no easy feat. I feel elevated.

INTERVIEWER: Hmmm that’s awesome!! So I guess for you 2b singled out by D.R.E, basically you must have attracted to you, by doing something inline with what they are out for, like humanitarian service and all that, so please can u share with us, about your personality when it comes to rendering Humanitarian services?

RESPONSE: Right now I work with an NGO rendering care and support to the vulnerable children and people living with HIV, On a personal note, I don’t miss an opportunity to spend time with children in the orphanage.  They need all the love they can get from each and every one of us.

INTERVIEWER: Sorry to cut in, can we know the name of the NGO?

RESPONSE: I work with Excellence and Friends Management Consult.

INTERVIEWER: With the way the world is structured today, what’s your take on it and what would advice we do as children of God in our world of today?

RESPONSE: As children of God, we shouldn’t make the world our standard but rather the word of God. Compromise shouldn’t be an option. We should be seen to affect the world positively and not let the world affect us negatively.

INTERVIEWER: That’s great, You Speak like a motivational speaker. Are You Married?

RESPONSE: Yes I am married to the most wonderful man on planet earth

INTERVIEWER: That’s lovely, Children?

RESPONSE: I am blessed with 7 lovely children. 4boys and 3girls. Quite a bunch, I know.

INTERVIEWER: Wow…that’s quite a bunch. So apart from you being a career mother of seven, what other attribute is there to you?

RESPONSE: I have a flare for writing. Hoping to publish some books. I also have passion for beads making. Currently making some for sales.

INTERVIEWER: That’s unique. So who gets you motivated? Now basically in everything you do?

RESPONSE: My motivation comes from God.  He’s my all.

INTERVIEWER: Great, What’s your advice to fellow mothers, for the teens, youths and Adults alike, out there who are confused and visionless about life?

RESPONSE: Strive to be better than who you were yesterday. Never be in competition with anyone. Reach out for your dreams. Never quit just keep trying. Be yourself and above all lean on God. He has got your back all the time!

INTERVIEWER: Thanks for your time, I had a nice time with u madam, Let’s do this again, some other time?

RESPONSE: Thank you the pleasure is all mine

There you have it all, for our Personality of the month, keep a date with us, until next time.


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