It’s wrong to threaten anyone with death……

“Its very wrong to threaten anyone with death. Especially when the person you’re threatening happens to be dating your spouse. Most times when you issue these threats out of anger, you always know deep in your heart of hearts that, you can’t do an atom of your harsh and terrible pronouncements.

Hmmmm easy does it.

Sisters, If your spouse cheats on you, please never threaten them with death. Don’t stupidly threaten the life of the other lady. You have no business with her. She met and fell for him, just the way you did. Its your spouse who disrespected you and broke the agreement between you both, not the other lady in the picture.

Respect yourself and stay away from trouble.

Same applies to you young men. Never confront the other guy who is dating your woman. The same attributes that attracted you to her, lured him to her. Its your woman you should confront and deal with whatever makes you insecure and unhappy in your relationship, not the other guy. . . . .If she had any regard for you and what you both share, she will not date another man.

Hmmmm a word is enough for the wise. Get a grip on your emotions. Bridle your tongue. NEVER EVER threaten anyone’s life just because they are dating your spouse. If you can’t stand the heat, leave the kitchen. You can’t cope with a cheating spouse, talk a walk!”


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