What are we living for| by Ineme Dandison

Episode 1

Life had gotten better with Ewar since her coming to the big city. It was two years now since the demise of Nna and her coming to the city. She had a small petty trade business which enabled her move into a one room apartment, a stone throw from Ebube’s house, as Ebube was to be married in a month’s time and she did not like the idea of being of discomfort to the new bride. Her daughters, Nne and Ada were schooling at the city’s commercial secondary school that charged a thousand naira as the tuition fees thus making it affordable to Ewar.

Chidubem had not reached age six and thus could not be admitted to the primary school down the street, so, he was always with Ewar at the shop. Ada and Nne had become grown ups, taking responsibilities and decisions rather surprising for their ages. Ada was now 17 years and Nne 13, Ewar had had series of miscarriages before finally having Chidubem 8years after Nne, thus accounting for why Chidubem was 5years old. On their coming to the big city, they were introduced to the white man’s religion, they were told of a God that stayed somewhere above and ruled over the affairs of men down here. A God that was powerful than the village god, Akpunta. A God who loved so much that he sacrificed his only son to save mankind. They felt this God was preferable to their gods as he sacrificed his own against their gods who will rather request theirs to be sacrificed. So it was no wonder that in a short while, Ewar had so loved the church that even when she could not attend bible classes, she allowed her daughters to go. Ada had a special liking for teaching and though with little education herself, would gather the little children in the neighbourhood who hadn’t started primary school either due to their ages or lack of money to send them and on weekends she would teach them how to write Numbers and Alphabets, in no time, some of them could even spell some two and three letter words.

Nne on her part was a church girl. She particularly loved singing and interacting with children her mate in church. She had long joined the children’s choir of the church and practically had a voice like that of a nightingale, a voice that could be spotted in the midst of many others. Nne always wanted to be in church. It was either for bible classes or choir practices, or her personal bible study. At times she went to church just for the fun of helping in cleaning and tidying up the place for service or helping the priest fetch a few buckets of water. Sometimes, she’d drag Ada along to a widows house and said they came just to help with chores and spend time with her. The duo put smiles on many faces around them and received blessings daily from many quarters. Ewar was non-the-less vexed at her daughters, for she counted them as God’s special gifts to her, a blessing she was always thankful for………
(To Be Continued…)


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